Our Mission

To cooperate with the national body, governmental and non-governmental organizations, universities, polytechnics, technical and other institutions of learning, professional institutions and other bodies to promote the dynamic role of the architect in the state as well as advance the aims and objectives of the institute.

Our History

The Nigeria Institute of Architects (NIA) was founded in Lagos on 1st April 1960, barely six months before Nigeria attained Independence from United Kingdom. Initially called the Nigerian of Architects with only thirteen members at the time of its formal inauguration at the premises of the National House of Representatives, the professional organization had emerged from a modest beginning of an 8-member Study Group of Architects which was formed in the 1958 to carry out the detailed planning for the establishment of the Institute.

The fact that Lagos was for many years the capital of Nigeria attracted a lot of commercial activities and the Federal and State Government had huge investments in infrastructure in the city. It is no surprise therefore that a very large percentage of Members of the Institute both in Government Services and the Private Sector operated in Lagos and this accounted for the chapter being the most vibrant with the largest concentrations of Architects in Lagos. Officers of the Institute were predominantly those who practiced from Lagos and in course of time it became expedient to create State Chapters from which Lagos State Chapter benefited in size and quality.